One of the Nation’s Longest Running Career College Student Information Systems

With over 75 years of educational experience, we know what is important to help you get the best results for your school:

  • Successful Student Recruiting
  • Accurate Financial Aid Packaging and Processing
  • Full Accounting Features
  • Automated Compliance
  • In-depth Accreditation Reporting
  • Effective Placement
  • Maximum Return On Your Investment

Diamond SIS is more than software …

Diamond blends your school operations’ expertise with robust software to help you meet your school’s challenges of:

  • Enrolling Students

  • Compliance Reporting

  • Record Keeping

  • Productivity

We Support all Major Accrediting Agencies

Diamond SIS supports these accrediting agencies, and more.

One of our many Strengths is in Compliance and Reporting.

Diamond SIS provides custom ACCSC Reporting

 Diamond SIS provides custom ABHES Reporting

Diamond SIS provides custom ACICS Reporting

Diamond SIS provides custom ACCET Reporting   

Diamond SIS provides custom NACCAS Reporting     Diamond SIS provides custom COE Reporting


Contact us today to learn how Diamond SIScan help you manage your reporting – with much less effort!


News and Events

Ready to do more and work less? Diamond SIS makes it Possible! Posted last year
Every month, new Career Colleges are learning how Diamond SIS saves them time … and effort. If you haven’t implemented a professional Student Information system or you’re looking for a solution that provides more depth of features, functionality and reporting; we invite you to grab a cup of coffee, your favorite soda, or a glass of water and join us for this enlightening webinar. “Saving Time & Doing More. Career College Administration Effort-Savers!” Webinar Date & Time: June 16th, 2016 10:00am PST Grab some coffee and give us 30 minutes to show you how hundreds of successful campuses thrive with Diamond SIS.

Announcing Credit Card Processing From within Diamond SIS! Posted last year
Credit and Debit Card processing is now Built into Diamond SIS Get Your Money Faster: Reduce accounts receivable and past-due debt No more wasted hours tracking down bad checks Students can pay On-line!! (Requires the Student Portal -Click for more Info!) Faster access to your funds Convenient and professional Lower Your Workload and Improve Accountability: Reduces steps Reduces errors – No more double-entry! Automates postings Professional Accounting and Ledgers Management This webinar has passed, but you can view it anyway. Click here!

Webinar: Financial Aid Processing with ECM and Diamond SIS Posted last year
Join us to meet Randy Rock, President of ECM, and learn how you can save time and effort with your Financial Aid processing! Financial aid processing is the lifeblood of many Career and Proprietary schools and Diamond Student Information Systems is proud to partner with leaders in Financial Aid Processing to streamline and automate each step. 10:00 a.m. PST Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hidden Gems: The Diamond SIS Blog

The Proof of the Pudding … Demonstrate Your Vision and the Success of your Career and Placement Services Posted last year
In this final part of my 3-part Blog series Parallels: Provide Guidance, Engagement and Resources to Increase Enrollment, Retention and Referrals, I outline ways to highlight the end result – the career. As a way to recruit and …

Creating a Culture of Accomplishment Posted last year
In this 2nd part of my 3-part Blog series: Parallels: Provide Guidance, Engagement and Resources to Increase Enrollment, Retention and Referrals, I identify how basic reward systems can help with engagement and retention. While these are strategies …

Parallels: Provide Guidance, Engagement and Resources to Increase Enrollment, Retention and Referrals Posted last year
This week I launch a 3-part Blog series about Increasing Enrollment and improving Retention at Career Schools. Recently, certain activities and issues in the higher education vertical dramatically changed the marketplace. Because of this, recruiting, and then …

Getting Attention: SEO for Career Schools AKA, SEO for Mere Mortals Posted last year
In todays’ world, if your Career School doesn’t appear near the top in a Google/Web search, you might as well not exist. Prospective students, are able to gather a LOT of information quickly and with very little effort. …

An Industry Leader

Trusted at hundreds of campuses throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico, the Diamond Student Information System is a market-leading career college student information system that organizes every stage of the administrative life-cycle. It streamlines Recruiting and Onboarding, eases Financial Aid Packaging and Processing, manages Schedules, Attendance, Grades, Internships and Placement.

When choosing your career college SIS system, look at the depth and breadth of features, reporting, and information management. This is where Diamond SIS truly excels.

Since 2001, our advanced Reporting provides depth and insight into your schools’ operations while ensuring compliance with all major accreditation bodies, the Department of Ed, and State agencies.

When you require the very best in Accrediting Agency compliance technology, rely on Diamond SIS.